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Himalaya Healthy Pet Food – Meat & Rice Dry Food


About this item

  • This adult dog food is apt for all breeds of dogs such as Toy, Small, Medium, large, Giant Breeds
  • This adult dog food can be fed adult dogs basis their body weight. Please check the feeding guide.
  • The transition from old food to this new food should be done over a period of 7 days
  • Feed to active adult dogs 2-3 times daily, and less active adult dogs 1-2 times daily.
  • Please follow the guide to feed perfect amount of food.

Whiskas Adult (1+ Year) Tasty Mix Wet Cat Food Made with Real Fish 70Gm(Pack of 12)


About this item

  • MADE WITH REAL FISH: Whiskas Tasty Mix contains real fish which is easy to eat, ideal to be given to cat
  • NEW POUCHES: Offers varieties in all the favorite protein flavors that your cat will love
  • TEMPTING FLAVOUR: Cat Food made with Chicken and veggies like Salmon Wakame Seaweed,Tuna with Kanikama and carrot, Seafood cocktail Wakame Seaweed,Chicken, Tuna and veggies like Carrot in gravy to attract fussy eaters
  • VARIETIES OF INGREDIENTS: Give your cat tasty and quality protein, together with nutrition from colourful vegetables in delicious gravy sauce that they will lick clean

Smart Heart Adult Dog Food Dry Chicken and Liver


About this item

  • Enhanced Brain Function : DHA (from fish oil) and choline (from lecithin) for enhanced brain and nervous system function
  • Healthy Heart : Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil for a healthy heart
  • Healthy Skin and Coat :  Balanced Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids for a healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Immune System :  Vitamin E and Selenium for strong immune system
  • Healthy Digestion :  Highly digestible ingredients for improved digestion and stool quality

Whiskas Kitten (2-12 Months) Dry Cat Food, Ocean Fish


About this item

  • Complete nutrition for mothers & baby cats
  • Crunchy chunks packed with real fish/chicken flavour & milk
  • 41 essential nutrients support healthy growth in kittens
  • Provides baby cats with healthy bones and body growth
  • Provide cats with healthy immune system & energy for play to be given to cats as treat
  • Backed by research done by the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition
  • For cat breeds from Persian Cat, British Shorthair to Siamese Cat

ME-O Adult Cat Dry Food, Mackeral Flavour


About this item

  • Complete and balanced nutrition for cats
  • Taurine is an amino acid that is essential for the proper functioning of the eyes and to improve the cat's eyesight
  • Vitamin C boots cat's immune system and helps reduce the detrimental effects of stress on your cat's health
  • Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D help strengthen teeth and bones
  • This Formula was developed to help prevent the risk of FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease)

Pedigree Adult Dog Dry Food, (High Protein Variant) Chicken, Egg & Rice


About this item

  • Complete & balanced dog food with the goodness of egg, a perfect food for adult dogs
  • Contains 22% crude Protein, 10% crude Fat, and 5% crude Fibre
  • Provides strong muscles, bones & teeth and healthier & shinier coat
  • dog food that also promotes Digestive Health and supports Natural Defences
  • Provides dogs the 5 Signs of Good Health - a PEDIGREE assurance!
  • Dogs need 2x Calcium, 2.5x Iron & 9x Vitamin B12 than humans, an ideal treat
  • Developed by experts at the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition
  • Ideal for Pugs, Beagle to Labrador, Golden Retriever & German shepherd

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